Trip on the New Steed.

First long ride on my new bike.


Back in the basement after it’s first day out.

I took out my new bike today for it’s first long spin. Did about 450 kilometres (280 miles) from home to Cork and back. It was really enjoyable in spite of a few showers. The temperatures varied a bit but mainly between 7C and 9C (44F to 48F). There is going to be a lot of trips and information to share in the future about rambling on this great new scoot.

Author: Motorcycle Rambler

A motorcycle rambler with an interest in motorcycles and motorcycle adventures, food, travel, movies, photography and more.

12 thoughts on “Trip on the New Steed.”

      1. Merino wool socks x 2, and long underwear and feather and down jacket under your biker jacket and pants with the protection for your back and bony bits as well as Hot Grips makes a big difference for cold and safety in general. I say safety because getting too cold on a bike is dangerous in itself. Hope it doesn’t sound like I’m preaching!

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    1. Yes several people have said that to me but I am of the opinion that reading a description is better than looking at this need for the constant live newsfeed for reality. Who needs reality? If reality was the thing Sky news, a version of reality would have overtaken books, music and art a century or 2 ago. Your probably right but I am resisting 🏍😊

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