Menu in Neunkirchen in Germany.

So made it from Versailles near Paris to Neunkirchen, Saarland in Germany today. The quandary is what to have and yes it’s that hard to read. Going for the first one which I’m fairly sure is roast beef with red cabbage and… I give up on the 3rd one, but I have eaten here a few times before and it’s always good 😊. The temperatures are over 30 Celsius which in Fahrenheit is hot, damn hot. Too hot for motorcycle gear 😳. 


Author: Motorcycle Rambler

A motorcycle rambler with an interest in motorcycles and motorcycle adventures, food, travel, movies, photography and more.

8 thoughts on “Menu in Neunkirchen in Germany.”

  1. I love German food – this maybe comes from having a first husband who was German and a 2nd husband who is half German! I’d love to choose from that menu 🙂


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