Lunch in the Black Forest. 

This place is a bikers paradise and you would know it. Everything on two wheels and four trying out the popular twisties. As well as all the modern bikes, vintage bikes as well as vintage sports cars such as the two vintage Porsche cars heading up a popular steep incline I can see from my vantage on the terrace of the restaurant called Landgasthaus Engel in Gutach, on the road to Triberg. 

My lunch is a bit of a mystery because I’m not sure what the description on the menu meant. It comes is a hot metal pan with a handle. It said something like: wild game stew, if my German is right. Mashed potato with gravy and meat (deer I think) with a load of melted cheese and smothered in red jelly jam 👍🏼🇩🇪😎

While I’m tucking into it, watching all the bikes turn up the steep incline opposite the restaurant, two gorgeous 40s Harley’s pass. 

Ah well, no rest for the wicked. Just have to do another hundred or two kilometres of twisties before I see where I’ll stay tonight 😊


Author: Motorcycle Rambler

A motorcycle rambler with an interest in motorcycles and motorcycle adventures, food, travel, movies, photography and more.

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