Lake Constance and Onward.

Motorcycling in the Swiss Alps.

Suzi was happy in a cosy Contance, or Konstanz, hotel basement while I explored the beautiful city that is Constance. 

Today it was onwards and upwards, literally. Switzerland is two kilometres from the city and I pointed her towards the Swiss Alps, without (wash out your mouth) touching an Autobahn (motorway). 

But when you’re passing a little country like Lichenstein, it would be bad manners not to stop

and say hello. And Vaduz the capital is well worth a look. It doesn’t take long because it’s tiny. 

Now for some of these fabulous Swiss roads, beautiful villages and mountain passes. Always heading South. The roads are fantastic, the views are spectacular and the hairpin filled roads to the mountain passes are just amazing. Reminds one of that mountain pass in Italy 🇮🇹. Wonder is it open…


Author: Motorcycle Rambler

A motorcycle rambler with an interest in motorcycles and motorcycle adventures, food, travel, movies, photography and more.

4 thoughts on “Lake Constance and Onward.”

  1. Here in the states we call the interstate highways “the Slab” as in a long boring slab of concrete made for traveling from point A to point B. Taking the road less traveled is my preferred alternative.

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